About Us

Hello and Welcome to The Beam City - founded in 2019 and based out of Albuquerque New Mexico. We are very proud to have the ability to provide something wonderful for you to add to what you have worked so hard for.
As Husband and wife Wesley & Anastasia are the founders of The Beam City. We've been working in the "handmade industry" for the past 8 years, and have spent those years knitting and crocheting till our hearts content, but now we're designing, & creating laser engraved unique custom tags and other items for your handmade businesses. Wesley spends his time creating and designing all your beautiful logos and making sure every engraved item is of the highest detail. Wesley has the ability to visualize the finished product and make it come to life. Anastasia is the creative eye behind every picture and every detail of lighting and backdrop. She puts the finishing touch to everything you see, making sure you get the best visual experience for what you are looking for. We work and flow as one making for you something that puts that finishing touch on a piece that will always be remembered.
Unlike other laser engraving companies, We pride ourselves on taking the time to work with customers to create a very unique custom piece for your brand to stand out. We offer a select variety of high quality materials and color options, as well as outstanding customer service, quick order processing and fast delivery times.
"We want you to shine by the light of what makes you who you really are"
From the both of us we wish you the very best in all your ventures, and that you find something great in what we can do for you.
"Have Hope & Be Brave"
 Best Wishes,
Wesley & Anastasia
Thank You For Supporting Our Small Business